These are the best countries in Europe for expats!


Europe has some of the most desirable countries for expats from all continents. These countries are great places to live and offer many opportunities. These countries are known for their beautiful scenery, high quality of life, and affordable living costs. If you are considering moving abroad, check out our list of top European countries for ex-pats to find the right one.


Germany, the country of “Poets and Thinkers,” is home to the greatest number of European ex-pats. Germany has one of the most wealthy economies in Europe and offers many options for immigration. This makes it easier than other EU countries. Berlin is the capital of Germany and is an ideal place to meet new people and have fun.


You can apply for a visa to work in Germany if you are skilled and in high demand. Your spouse can move to Germany if they hold German citizenship. People who wish to pursue an artistic career can also apply for an artist visa in Germany.


Portugal is a top destination in Europe for ex-pats. Portugal’s favorable climate, high-quality education opportunities, and outstanding standard of living are some reasons it is so popular. Portugal is affordable for most ex-pats. Living costs are lower in areas outside Lisbon.

Portugal is also known for its warmth and openness to international visitors. It offers many cultural opportunities for integration, making it one of the most popular countries for ex-pats.

You don’t need a visa to travel to Portugal. However, you can stay for up to 90 days in Portugal and then return to the country. There are several options for you to move to Portugal with long-term visas or retirement visas. The Golden Visa option is for those who have a lot of money.


Spain, like Portugal, is a popular destination for ex-pats. Spain offers the same benefits as Portugal with a high standard of living, excellent healthcare, and affordable prices. The North American Language and Cultural Assistant program allow Americans to move to Spain quickly. However, this program is not a way to get permanent residence. Applicants must have a work permit to be eligible to move to Spain.

However, ex-pats from other countries can still take advantage of the Spanish Golden Visa opportunity to move to Spain. People who wish to work for themselves can apply for a visa for freelance, or for those who can afford their expenses, the Spanish Golden Visa.


This tiny European country has the highest GDP per head and was ranked second worldwide for many years. Luxembourg is a desirable country to move to. This is especially true when you consider that more than 40% of Luxembourg’s population is non-native.

It offers a high quality of life, excellent opportunities for technological innovation and business, and some of the highest wages in Europe. It is also located between France, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Germany. This makes it an ideal location for anyone who wants to travel all over Europe. Luxembourg has three official languages. Communicating with the local population is easy if you speak English well.

The biggest problem is that Luxembourg has the highest per-capita GDP, wages, and living costs compared to other European countries. Moving to Luxembourg as a permanent resident is difficult because of the limited entry options.

The United Kingdom

The UK is considered the most desirable European country for Americans to live in. Americans can easily adapt to their new country, learn about the culture and traditions, and meet people because there is no language barrier. It is also true that the UK is one of the most developed countries in Europe. There are many employment, starting up opportunities, and health and social benefits.

If your company plans to move to the UK, the most common way to enter the UK is through an intra-transfer visa. There are many options for visas for family members and working permits, as well as investor visas that can be obtained for potential investors.

UK citizens have one major disadvantage: the UK is not a member EU. This means its citizens don’t have the same rights as EU citizens and their freedom of movement is restricted.


According to the World Happiness Report, Finland is still the top-performing country as the happiest in the world. The Nordic countries are a magnet for foreigners, so it’s not surprising. It offers economic and social security, as well as the best education system. This makes it a great place to settle down for families.

Many ex-pats who have joined online forums complain that Finland is hard to adapt to because of the language barrier and lack of social activities and leisure. Finland is not the right place for you if you enjoy a full life with lots of activities and aren’t fond of cold weather.


Iceland, a Nordic country with a large GDP, is home to a diverse population. It ranks among the top 20 for health, education, and economic growth. According to the Global Peace Index, Iceland is the safest place to live. Expats from cities, especially, are attracted to Iceland’s stunning scenery and natural beauty.

A valid passport is required to move to Iceland. If you have work lined up and can apply for a visa for work or have Icelandic citizenship to which you wish to belong, this is an example of a valid passport. Remember that Iceland is, like other Nordic countries, more difficult to settle down due to the restrictions of the Icelanders and the harsh weather.


Ireland is another top European country that is popular with American ex-pats. This is partly due to its language. Ireland enjoys the same benefits and has one of the highest GDP per capita. However, Ireland’s language doesn’t make integration difficult like in other countries.

One of the many benefits of Ireland for foreigners is that many Americans can apply for citizenship by descent if they have an ancestor who was formerly a citizen of Ireland.


Switzerland is an exceptional European country. It is surrounded by chocolate and natural beauty and offers a high quality of life. Switzerland offers many foreigners financial security and job opportunities that are stable and safe. It provides an outstanding work-life balance that allows people to live their personal and professional lives without stress. You should be financially well-positioned if you plan to move to this country.